How to make caulirice



“What is that white thing on your plate “, or ” why do you eat cauliflower like that instead of just boiling it “-These are the two most frequent questions I’ve heard when I feature this yummy staple in my IG posts.  I’d never eat boiled cauliflower since I was a kid, makes it so bland and tastes awful. I’ve realized that one way to get even adults to eat vegetables is to prepare them in an exciting way e.g. Cauliflower  can also be used to make cauliwraps, caulimash,pizza bases and bread.

Cauliflower is known for its high anti-inflammatory characteristic and its low in carbs. Banters and people who follow a low carb lifestyle have resorted to making this as one of the staples . I’m a DIY kind of person and buying caulirice is not for my student budget . However if you don’t have time and don’t mind spending you can get it at Woolworths or Checkers and many other grocery stores.


For the the low budget banters like myself, here is a quick  way of making caulirice. This is so low budget it even includes a hand-held one sided grater . If you have a food processor it also does the job perfectly. Just pulse it until it has a rice look /texture.

All you’ll need

And you’ll get this 😍😍😍😍


1.Use plastic bags and place the riced cauliflower into each plasthc bag.
2.Press air out of bag.
3.Tie it or seal it.


When you need it, defrost it and fry it in butter or whichever healthy oil you use to cook . Other people add onions and peppers to make it taste even better. Make some and tell me how it goes. You can check out how I serve mine on my Instagram .Serve with some chicken curry stew in chilly winters and you’ll have a healthy comfort meal 😍

Happy Banting 🥑🍳


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