Sheryl : My Banting Journey


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To bant or not to bant?

I was not necessarily looking to diet but I have always been interested in experimenting on certain ways of eating. I am genetically exposed to diabetes and I have lost some loved ones due to this disease. Eating right and exercising should keep me off diabetes and shots  I thought to myself… So I embarked on a journey to find a preventative diabetes lifestyle.

According to my BMI I was 5kgs into overweight zone, but still that didn’t bother me. I was very active in sports, ran close to 50 K a week , played social hockey on Friday nights and did some aerobics. I ate a lot of vegetables, lean meats and had healthy carbohydrates ; brown rice, whole wheat pasta the works. Even though I was on this high carb, low fat type of lifestyle I still felt bloated, developed acne and would automatically need a…

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