Veggie prep like a boss 😎

I follow a lot of fitness and health experts on social media  and I’ve been inspired to prep for the week. I’m generally free on Mondays so I use that day for this task. I stay close to varsity but I’m on my semester break so I’m home for the next few weeks and the struggle is real. I’m the only banter in the family so for every carb I prepare for them, I have to make a low carb alternative for myself. I make my life easier by just swooping the carbs.

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Everything else here is Banting friendly that is the protein and vegetables. The oil available here however is canola oil and a mix of olive and sunflower oil. Both not Banting friendly. Imagine my excitement when I found salted butter in the fridge 😉. Check out my veggie prep for the week .

For more inspiration, follow my Instagram page. Happy Banting 🍳🍳


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