Freeze that rice!!!

I discovered something recently. Grated caulirice if not frozen smells awfully. I usually keep the veggies in the freezer e.g. Carrots . I usually grate the cauliflower just before I cook it . Below is a picture of how I prepped my cauliflower last Monday.


I stacked my Prepped vegetables  in the fridge and after an hour when I opened it there was a bad strong smell in there. The culprit after a thorough search was caulirice. The best way I then figured is to store the caulirice in the freezer. Ziplock bags aren’t expensive and can be reused till worn out. How do you store your frozen veggies . Let me know 😌

happy Banting 🥑🍳🍳


4 thoughts on “Freeze that rice!!!

  1. Agree with you fully about the smell. I had the same experience and it smelt very strong/ sharp almost like a gas. Question: when it is frozen do you defrost or just cook as is?

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