Banting lunchbox ideas

Vacation  work was a great experience for me last week. My working hours were 8am to 5 pm. Thank God the clients location I was placed at is 15 mins away from my  home. I’d wake up at 6am and leave at 740am. I’m blessed to have 3 younger siblings so one of them would wake up and pack my lunch as per my instructions. She really impressed me and she’s definitely getting a reward when I get paid.

Idea 1


Lunch and snack on Wednesday

The above meal consisted of Caulirice ,stewed sausage and an avocado half. This was a basic meal made from dinner leftovers . The  bad thing about this packed lunch is that by lunchtime my avocado had turned brown. How do you keep your avocado in the lunch box fresh? I even tried a zip lock bag but the effect was the same as the lunchbox packaging. Do not forget to remove the avocado from the box when reheating otherwise you’ll have cooked avo and who eats cooked fruit ? 🤣 Yes avocado is fruit👌😂😬


Idea 2


I don’t understand when people say they don’t have time to make lunch for work. This lunch was packed Thursday night as I dished out dinner. I just took it from the fridge in the morning. The lunch consisted of leftovers i.e. Grilled Chicken and steamed vegetables. I added the avocado half in the morning.

Other simple lunch box ideas and snacks you can try are :

What do you carry for lunch at work?

Happy Banting!!! 🍳 🥑



3 thoughts on “Banting lunchbox ideas

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  2. Love the lunchbox ideas. We end up having left overs for lunch (we skip breakfast 95% of the time). I love snack type lunch boxes – tuna mayo on top of cucumber slices, some cheese blocks, olives, slices of green pepper. Winter is hard, but in summer I love salads for lunch.
    We also enjoy bone broth for lunch in the winter.

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