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October fave!!

Its exactly 67 days before 1 January 2018. Have you achieved your goals for the year. Lets make the 67 days count fam! Post of the week here we go,I’ll keep it short and sweet.

Dr Tumi 

Medical doctor turned professional award winning singer has re-ignited my love for gospel music.


Google image

I listen to his music all the time and I’m OBSESSED with his songs.

I have been going through the most lately, and I don’t mean bad by the way, life is good and God has been amazing to me this year and there’s no better way to praise him and thank him daily for the blessings.

A list of his songs that I thoroughly enjoy,

Do best and follow the links above and sample the music.

Thank me later .xoxo


Get to know me – food tag


Hi hommies . I have been gone for so long so I decided to surprise my followers with 2 blogs in a row. I have been obsessed with YouTube videos lately and I have seen a lot of get-to-know-me tags so I decided to do one on the food front. I challenge Nita’s LCHF4life , Just Nadez and 4-the-love-of to do the tag as well and tag me.

What is your favorite cuisine?

African food. Straight from the motherland. I love offal ( “edible internal organs of butchered animals “).   Cow insides being my favorite. Rich in protein and good fats. My mom makes the best of that dish! Cow feet are also a delicacy ( in my opinion) that I enjoy.



The best place to get supper in the city where you live?

Recent most favorite is Col’cacchio . They serve Italian food and have Banting friendly options as well. Never overly crowded and the food is affordable.

How do you take your coffee/tea?

Black no sugar.With milk only if its fresh full fat milk

If you could open your own restaurant what type of food would you serve and what would your restaurant be called?

Fun fact. My twin brother and I established a food stall where we operate as at the Four-ways farmers market.  The name of our stall is Mocharitos. Find us on FB, IG and twitter using the same handle @Mocharitos. We serve Mexican food namely tacos and nachos. our products are wheat and gluten free .Filling options being ground beef or chicken or a vegetarian substitute.

What’s on your ideal breakfast plate?

  1. Banting friendly: 2 half done fried eggs ,2 home beef patties or beef bangers, half an avocado and  sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes mix
  2. Not Banting friendly: Egg Benedict from Mugg and Bean.
egg benedict

Mugg and Bean Egg Benedict

Favorite cooking utensil?

A good non-stick pan

What type of food lifestyle do you follow?

I’m currently following a low-carb high fat way of eating known as Banting.

You can invite anyone over for dinner, who would it be?

My man!!! YES, he’s the one person who entirely appreciates my cooking and I love that. We all know what happens after supper. Dessert duh!!👌😂😬 ( Get your mind out of the gutter lol)

Do you have any food traditions in your culture/family?

Like any other African , Nguni  household to be precise, dinner has to have meat. Inyama hommies!!!!. comment below if you can relate lol

Are there any food you won’t ever eat


Juice or Fizzy Drinks

Neither! Tea rather.I love me some good tea! I should starting a collection soon.

Chicken or Beef

chicken all day everyday! Yaas!

Eat in or Go out

eat in – I can control what goes into my mouth

Indian or Chinese

Chinese- especially Sushi. haven’t had some in a while though because rice isn’t allowed on the Banting diet.

Chocolate or Strawberry

Strawberries darling

champagne darling

GET IT??? LOL 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Steak : Rare or Medium – well or Well done

medium to well please, well done gets too dry. I even prefer my burgers the same.

Foods i’m dying to eat

A cauliflower based pizza  and a keto shake. I’ve seen a lot of these on YouTube by keto diet followers and they seem yummy on video. They obviously have no sugar and contain good fats unlike the sugary shakes which are bought at the grocery stores. Please refer  me to any sugar free shakes you might be aware of.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to answer some of the questions in the comment box .

Happy Banting!🥑


Plateau or maintaining?

download (1)

Scale wont move!!! ( google picture)THE WORST FEELING in the fitness journey is when you eat right most of the time but the numbers on the scale don’t move. Yes I do look and feel great but I need the numbers to confirm it!I know the scale is red list but trust me the urge to weigh is high most of the time. I avoid junk food and eat strictly Banting 80 % of the time. I also drink almost 3 litres of water everyday . What I have realized for the past 2 months is that I’ve either reached a plateau or I’m maintaining. I’ve lost 6 kgs in about 3 months since I started religiously following the Banting lifestyle. I’d like to lose 5 more kgs which should be easy since I seem to have gotten the hang of it but damn man , its been HEAVY.



  1. Weekend meals contain carbs
  2. Pre-menstrual cycle meals include carbs
  3. Too much dairy- I drink full cream milk ,eat full cream yogurt, cheese etc
  4. Not enough fat in my meals – its a high fat low carb  lifestyle, the body should be using fats to burn fat.
  5. I haven’t been hitting the gym as much as I used to.
  6. I recently started drinking coffee which could lead to stalling of weight-loss
  7. STRESS.  work plus school plus master-guide training plus driving myself for the first time to work (trust me anxiety all the time).


I decided to get some help from a seasoned banter Banting foodie and she advised me to do one of the following to get out of this plateau:

  1. Stop cheating or  having carbs. Comply 100% with the Banting lifestyle for a set period and see if it will cause a difference.
  2. 3 days water only fast- the fast will prompt the body to go into a deep level of ketosis and re-ignite weight loss .
  3. Cut down on dairy. it Dairy contains a lot of protein and 5% carbs which via (gluconeogenesis) turn into glucose in the body.

Now I don’t know which of the above I’ll do but trust me one of them has to occur soon to get me out of this ditch I feel I’m in. Next post will be about how OR if i manged to get out of the plateau. Comment below on how you’ve managed to get out of a plateau or any advise you have for the home girl.

Happy Banting!!🥑


SHAKE for control

It’s been a while since I posted about my Banting journey. I basically eat the same thing so it would seem boring if I wrote about the same thing repeatedly. My oven is getting fixed today and hopefully I’ll be able to make better meals , can’t wait!

Out of boredom and an inner craving fight of having popcorn I decided to make a shake. I bought strawberries for R20 yesterday and I already had the other ingredients on hand. I hope next time I’ll add coconut oil or butter just to increase the healthy fat content . I didn’t add any sweetener because I find they stall my weight loss goals. August is the last month of winter in South Africa and I’m hoping to do a challenge which shows my weekly weigh ins. I hate scales but I’ll do it for my  instagram followers who believe in seeing. We’ll see 🙂

Below is the shake recipe


  • 2 tablespoons double cream plain yoghurt
  • 1 tablespoon pecan nuts or Carb clever granola 
  • 2-3 strawberries or berries of your choice
  • 50ml water or ice
  • drizzle of honey ( optional)

– blend all ingredients and serve. If you try it let me know if you liked it

Happy Banting 🍳🍳🥑

Banting lunchbox ideas

Vacation  work was a great experience for me last week. My working hours were 8am to 5 pm. Thank God the clients location I was placed at is 15 mins away from my  home. I’d wake up at 6am and leave at 740am. I’m blessed to have 3 younger siblings so one of them would wake up and pack my lunch as per my instructions. She really impressed me and she’s definitely getting a reward when I get paid.

Idea 1


Lunch and snack on Wednesday

The above meal consisted of Caulirice ,stewed sausage and an avocado half. This was a basic meal made from dinner leftovers . The  bad thing about this packed lunch is that by lunchtime my avocado had turned brown. How do you keep your avocado in the lunch box fresh? I even tried a zip lock bag but the effect was the same as the lunchbox packaging. Do not forget to remove the avocado from the box when reheating otherwise you’ll have cooked avo and who eats cooked fruit ? 🤣 Yes avocado is fruit👌😂😬


Idea 2


I don’t understand when people say they don’t have time to make lunch for work. This lunch was packed Thursday night as I dished out dinner. I just took it from the fridge in the morning. The lunch consisted of leftovers i.e. Grilled Chicken and steamed vegetables. I added the avocado half in the morning.

Other simple lunch box ideas and snacks you can try are :

What do you carry for lunch at work?

Happy Banting!!! 🍳 🥑